In the “New Africa Strategy of the U.S. Government”.


This Is In Line With “The USA Embassy, Integrated Country Strategy, Sierra Leone”, Approved: August 22, 2018


Bishop William Leon Lockhart, Ambassador to Africa since 1999, World Conference of Mayors, Inc., Founder of G’s Victory, Kamlock (S/L & USA), DHB (S/L & USA) & Partners & Mr. David A.M. Senessie, Co-Founder & President of G’s Victory (S/L & USA), Alhaji Patrick M. Kamara, Co-Founder & President of Kamlock International (S/L & USA) & Partners. To fulfill Sierra Leone’s PROPHECY Of APRIL,2009 & APRIL,2010, THAT GOD WANTS TO BLESS SIERRA LEONE. It is NOW in President Julius Maada Bio’s, The New Direction. “No Chiefdom Left Behind”,


 With Five, 21 YEAR MOU’s with G’s Victory & Partners for development in 16 District & 190 Chiefdoms.  MOU’s with Ministry of Agriculture (2), Ministry of Trade & Industry. Ministry of Defense (2), National Council of Paramount Chiefs, & Ministry of Sports for Agricultural Expansion, Economic Development, Enhancing the Contribution of Mining for Economic Prosperity with Social, & Reconstruction Development. 


Bishop Lockhart, Mr. Senessie & Alhaji Kamara, has been working with the “New Direction” to execute this massive project which was originally started in 2003 with the late Chair (CBC) Elijah Cummings. Its purpose is to bring massive jobs to Sierra leone, to Baltimore and USA. While at the same time revitalizing Sierra Leone / Mano River Union & African Union as the model. Due to the passing of the late Elijah Cummings, Bishop Lockhart appointed Baltimore native, Stephen Johnson.


“In view of this, Congressional Black Caucus and Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, we would like to invite a senior delegation from your side to Sierra Leone for discussion with relevant Government Ministries, Department and agencies. Government of Sierra Leone, Office of The President, Presidential Adviser on Trade and Investment, March 17, 2020 Ambassador at Large: Dr. Abu Bakarr Karim and M. B. Daboh , Director General, Ministry of Defense, Government of Sierra Leone, March 12, 2020”


 Bishop has issued the Five, 21 YEAR MOU’s with his partners below:

●     James Watkins President of Jnubi & Entertainment & Partners

●     Trace Thomas of Skyview Systems & Partners

●     Stephen Johnson of Mottomoez Film, Ex Global Entertainment and Janitex Worldwide &                Partners  (Stephen Johnson is the Control Center)

●     Darryl Pearson with Electriqcity & Partners

●     Margo Ochoa with The Oracle Group and Mocha Media & Partners

●     George Price CEO of Ch Ching Entertainment & Partners

●     David Shoemaker of Schuco Holdings & Partners

●     Jozef Nuyens Fivestone & Partners

●     Thomas S. Komegay, TeKONTROL, Inc & Partners

●     James Oliver Johnson Jr, Public Relations & Partners


 Ambassador Sidique Wai (S/L), is working with us to rebuild the economy and raise tourism for Sierra Leone is now underway.  With his advice and help we are to create the 1st black owned Airline flying straight from BWI Airport (Baltimore, Maryland) to Sierra Leone, with connecting flights from Sierra Leone to the Manor River Union. Commercial Ferry & Boats to Protect the Sea, as requested from Ambassador Sidique Wai, Office of the President (S/L).


Sierra Leone’s Ambassador of Entertainment and Investment, Mr. Amara Turay Jalloh (Kaodenero) is working with Minister Memunatu Pratt, Tourism & Culture Affairs with G’s Victory & Partners for entertainment, film, sports & Investment. Stephen Johnson is heading these major entertainment events with Sierra Leone's and America top and local music artists, actors, and film writers to unite both countries.  


To commemorate this momentous project, Independence of Sierra Leone in April. Stephen Johnson will host a series of events at La Familia Arts & Media Production Studio located in Baltimore, Maryland during the month of May. 


G’s Victory & Partners, is asking that investors and donors visit, or for more info.