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Stevie Franchise CEO of MottoMoez Films Celebrates June 6th Debut of Two Major New Television Shows


2020 has been a big year for MottoMoez Films who have new shows “I.M.T.V.” and “The Platform” appearing on the ABC Network and Fox. Now Mottomoez Film expands to Africa due to it's 5 MOU's (Mutual Of Understandings) with the African Union. Excitement surrounding both is high and rising.


June 22, 2020


Stevie “Franchise” Johnson, CEO and driving force behind MottoMoez Films And Productions , has a well-earned reputation of helping create hits and stars in the entertainment industry, ranging from a background in music and concert promotion all the way into exciting, heart-racing reality television. Despite the slowdowns industry wide in 2020, this momentum has continued with Franchise recently announcing the June 6th, debut of two television programs “I.M.T.V.” and “The Platform” on the ABC Network. “The Platform”, which showcases performances from major and local music artists, interviews and comedy skits is winning deep praise already for its timely and inspirational content, while “I.M.T.V.” is already gaining applause for opening a huge opportunity for independent music artists to be heard on ABC. In addition, he can be seen on My TV Network under FOX.


God has opened doors for Franchise and he is now expanding his company to Sierra Leone, Africa. This is a MOU partnership with G's Victory International, Mottomoez Film Production , USA and Sierra Leone government.


“It’s going down,” commented the always high-energy Franchise. “MottoMoez Films is trying to do something new and unique and it is great to have the fans, artists, major Tv networks and US government so enthusiastic. Expect things to just get better in the rest of 2020 and beyond! We have lots of surprises planned.”


Stevie AKA Franchise is a owner of a number of businesses. Mottomoez Film where has a film company. Ex Global Entertainment where he has an entertainment business targeting live entertainment. La Familia Arts & Media Production Studio where he co-owners a musical venue in Mt. Vernon Baltimore. Mottomoez Production Non Profit where they teach and hire students.


Franchise and MottoMoez Films have a very engaging backstory in Baltimore, Maryland, where they are still based, that shows all the possibilities available for creative spirits, with drive, who also want to help others become successful. Franchise is open to interviews of all kinds both online and off.


Four new shows are in the works from MottoMoez Films with details available soon. One thing that can be counted on is that they will all be fueled with passion.